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I want to thank Linda for her professional and helpful approach in dealing with my 3 ring circus. I could not have done this without her. She is a true asset to the company.

Grass Valley, CA

Thanks for your prompt attention and I will totally refer you to anyone who wishes to obtain their DMV tags. I know a lot of people who do not have the time or enjoy going to the DMV to obtain them.

Gardena, CA

After 3 days of phone calls with the DMV, I couldn't re-register my car on their website or pay to do it over the phone I found you on Google and I had my registration in 2 days. Thank you! Your service was so much more convenient than having to go in and wait in line for an hour (which was my only other recourse). Also, your customer service is phenomenal. Great response time. I'll definitely use you again in the future and will tell everyone about how convenient your site is. Thanks again

Los Angeles, CA

I usually don't comment on stuff like this, but this just made my day. :) I like the fact I don't have to send out a check or stand in line for hours to just make a payment. the online payment system is just so much easier and faster.
Thank you so much!

San Diego, CA

I used your services and found that it was a pleasure, very fast and trouble free!!!
Thank you very much. :-)

Merced, CA

This was so much better than standing in easy too!!! Thanks for the positive experience!!

Los Gatos, CA

Greetings Cartagz,
You saved me a ton of hassle after the CA DMV website told me my car information wasn't valid. After waiting on the phone with the DMV for an hour to get an answer, I gave up and tried your site. So so so much easier. I can't thank you enough for that!

Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much! Your service makes the DMV so much more manageable and efficient!

Palos Verdes, CA

Thank you so much! What an easy process to work with you guys! I will definitley be putting the word out about your site.

Port Hueneme, CA

Thank you very much for your patience and steadfast service on my inquiry. You have really helped me during my time away from San Diego. I am underway with the Navy right now and sometimes getting things resolved can be a hassle, but you just made my issue a relief.

US Navy

Thank you very much. Using your service was very helpful. Will definitely pass the word on.

Long Beach, CA

You guys are absolutely fantastic. I have told everyone at my work and spread the word on facebook about the service you guys have to offer. This beats going to the DMV anyday, music to my ears. No more long lines and accidentally missing your spot online because you fell asleep or you ran out really quickly because you forgot someting at home or went to go eat and hurried back. Best Service from a business I have ever received and Sasha could not have been more helpful and really good at following up and getting back. You guys are the BEST!
Thank you.

San Diego, CA

I work with retirees and because of your company's response and attitude, I will be happy to refer your services to them and any other I come in contact that need help. Thanks again.

Gilroy, CA

I can't believe this was so easy, thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! It was in nightmare with the DMV for 3 months now :) Will recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks

Reno, NV

Regarding your service. It was great! I wish I had known about this a long time ago. Thank you very much.

Moreno Valley, CA

Thank you so much. It was very easy to renew my car tags. I did not receive a paper bill this year so I forgot to renew my tags until the last day. It would have been a real problem for me if I could not have renewed them online. Again thank you very much.

Anza, CA

Thank you so much for your speedy response. I thought I would have to wait days. The package was indeed delivered and if I have any more questions, I won't hesitate to email you again. This is so refreshing.

Alameda, CA

Thank you very much for your help. You answered my question right away and I appreciate it. This was something new for me to do on-line. I would most certainly do it again and recommend it to others that don't already use your services.

Lodi, CA

You did a fantastic job - the process was easier than I thought and I got my replacement registration and sticker after only 1 day. Thank you!

San Mateo, CA

Thank you..first time user. I'm sure going to use this again and recommend to my friends.

Escondido, CA

Cartagz, you did a wonderful job and I am very pleased that you have a site for people to go to and re-register their vehicles and do not have to wait in line somewhere. Thanks.

Carlsbad, CA

Thank you for all of your help. Your customer service was impeccable, extremely efficient and very professional and you provided excellent instructions. I wish all online services made it as easy as you have. Thanks again.

Los Alamitos, CA

Went into the DMV. The line was out the door. Then went online--took 2 minutes and now I have my registration coming. Went to the DMV because they never sent me my paperwork for my tags. Thank you for saving me time. Have a good day.

Oakland, Ca

Thank you. I really appreciate how fast and well you did it. You save me time and
worries. Thanks AGAIN.

San Jose, Ca

You did GREAT! Seriously, your email responses were quick and you got the job done quick. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future for all my DMV needs!

Tahoe City, Ca

Your process was painless and quick. I did not realize that this service existed. Your service was timely and efficient. Keep up the good work.

Redondo Beach, Ca

I ordered everything today and have been impressed with all the feedback and
the fast delivery service offered.

Granite Bay, Ca

This service saved time, energy and frustration. The tips on how to pass a
smog test are worth reading prior to taking a vehicle in no matter what year or make of car.

Piedmont, Ca

I just paid my registration that I haven't paid in over a year and a half and a ticket. In just about 2 minutes, I’ve already received receipts and a copy of my registration. That was great! So simple, quick and easy. I would definitely refer people to this website.

Newport Beach, Ca


San Ramon, Ca

Fantastic Job. I am pleased to have my registration done in 2 minutes. It saved my effort in taking a cashier check and posting to DMV and waiting for 6 weeks to get my registration renewed. Thanks a lot.

Santa Clara, CA

You guys saved me. So, thank you so much for the fast and great service, and communication. You guys are awesome! Will definitely recommend.

Ventura, Ca

This is the first time we have used Cartagz and we will use this company every year! The DMV literally lost our check. It was sent in time and we ended up having to pay the late fees with no consequence to them. The process was easy, and the results were immediate with Cartagz! Thank you.

Huntington Beach, Ca

Just a quick thanks. I was a bit concerned when I realized over the weekend that our car registration had expired. I was not looking forward to possibly having to spend a 1/2 day at the DMV. Had not heard about your company; located it via Google. Your service was excellent. Thanks again.

Tracy, Ca

This is one of the best services that I have ever had the privilege of using. Your service and personal service is perfect. Thank you very much!

Santa Ana, Ca

I am thoroughly satisfied with the swift and convenient service. This process
totally eliminates long waits in lines, plus travel. OVERALL GRADE: OUTSTANDING!!!!

US Navy

Wow you guys have really provide good service. I also got tagz for my daughter's car through your site and it was quick and easy.
Thanks so much. Have a spectacular day!!

Santa Clarita, Ca

Wow, I have never received such a quick reply. Thank you for all your help. Looking
forward to using you in the future.

City of Commerce, Ca

Wow! I was really in a bind and Cartagz really saved my "out of the USA" bacon. They were totally helpful, responsive, and now my vehicle is registered and current with no penalty even though my circumstances were unusual. This service was very well worth it and I can recommend it for anyone. Thanks again.

BC, Canada

I am with the U.S. Marines out in Operation
Enduring Freedom and my experience with Cartagz was great. On behalf of the Marines, you guys helped me out TREMENDOUSLY with my car registration. Thank you very much for your support and help. You made my life easier while being in a combat environment. Thank you very much!

US Marines

This is the first time I used this site and I must say it was user friendly and a great experience. Thank you.

San Jose, CA

I normally don't take the time to tell a company about their service unless it’s terrible. However, I needed to take the few minutes out of my day to let you know that your company exceeded my expectations. From the initial contact response time to the company you utilize for delivery of the DMV forms ~ outstanding. While I hope not to get in a time crunch with the DMV next year, if I do, you will be the first and only company on my contact list. In this economy of down sizing, layoffs, cut backs thank you for the exceptional service.

Pleasanton, CA

Thank you. You guys are fast!! I will recommend Cartagz to my friends.

Oakland, CA

Thank you guys. You made it quick and easy to get my registration and I appreciate that. I will let my family and friends know of your services. Thanks again.

San Diego, CA

You were all so helpful and yes, I will consider you in the future and let everyone I know what a wonderful helpful service you are. Thank you for all your time and effort.

Sacramento, CA

Thank you so much! Boy, you guys really saved my life after my RIN number was sent to my old address. Dealing with the DMV is such a headache and they don't re-send RIN numbers. Thanks again! I'll be writing a good review for you.

Redding, CA

Thank you for following up. This has been the best customer service I have ever received when renewing tags. I have already printed up my registration and placed it in an envelope with my insurance.

Concord, CA

Awesome, thanks so much for your help. Worth the money. No waiting in line, easy and fast. Great support and help. Is there any way I can shoot a review up to your manager or anyone thanking them? I was worried to use CarTagz but the DMV is my last resort, but you've resolved my issues quickly, painlessly, and easy.

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I really appreciate it and quite frankly, I'm surprised by such a wonderful personal touch in receiving this email too. So glad to have this situation fixed too. Looking forward to receiving the tags I somehow never got. Again, thank you so much for your help with this matter.

Mary Kate
Oxnard, CA

WOW! Thank you. It’s really kind... I am totally impressed and you have made my
day!! I have received the replacement set yesterday!! I will for sure use Cartagz
in the future and will recommend it to all my friends and others! Thanks once again!

Tay Kim
San Francisco, CA

I will definitely remember your services the next time I lose my paperwork (which will likely happen again based on my track record).

Sacramento, CA

Just wanted to say that I am AMAZED at how fast I got my tags. Ordered them yesterday at about 1pm and received them today before noon!! You guys are the best... I will only go through you from now on.

Orange, CA

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your quick work. Good job.

Mission Viejo, CA

We're all good! Thanks, you guys made this so easy.

Stockton, CA

Thank you so much for your assistance. I look forward to doing future business with your company again. Have a good one.

Santa Fe Springs, CA

I really appreciate your service. It has made this much easier than dealing with and standing in line at the DMV and making multiple trips down there. Thanks a bunch!

Auburn, CA

Thank you I appreciate it. I didn’t have to stand in line and lose time from work. I will consider using your service in the future. I have also told several co-workers about your great service.

Oakland, CA

Thank you for being there. You provide an invaluable service and a great value to not stand in line!

Sacramento, CA

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with my registration. What a wonderful service you offer! Your kindness, rapid response to messages and all around niceness made this a real pleasure! I learned about your service from my brother I assure you I have already told several people how great you are! Hope I can steer more business your way. Kind regards.

Fresno, CA

I absolutely love this...this is the best way to do business like much time and energy is saved!!! Great, the DMV has utilized the technology to the extent ya'll have...and...your follow up factor is stellar...I haven't left my office and it's all done!!! Thank You Very Much and Best Regards.

Los Angeles, CA

Many thanks for helping out! I was able to get the car back with the e-copies you provided. Other than the unconscionable impound fee ($338 for 12 hours) this was very reasonable.

Carlsbad, CA

Thanks, I just received confirmation that the payment posted . I want to commend your service I never received my dmv renewal in the mail, and I have tried to go to the dmv office, but the lines were too long.

La Puenta, CA

Thanks for follow up. You guys saved me. I did not receive my DMV renewal notice even though my address is current. I went to the DMV two days before the grace period was up and the computers were down. To make it worse they are closed on Friday and the renewal fell on the weekend.

San Jose, CA

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